What We Do

We enhance our advisors’ ability to recognize current and prospective growth opportunities through an exemplary back office support system, and educational programs which increase the skill and knowledge base of today’s financial planners.

We ensure a high standard of operation and provide our advisors with valuable up-to-date information. Our advisors can depend on receiving operational support on all current and in-force policies to ensure they can assist their clients in securing their immediate and long-term financial objectives.

We have developed strong, caring relationships with some of Canada`s most successful independent insurance agents which enables us to provide a broad range of insurance and investment products.

And we strive to lead the industry by providing the very best service and support systems, based on the four cornerstones that IDC WIN is built upon.


IDCWIN is one of the leaders when it comes to working with our advisors to ensure compliant practices, given the many regulation changes faced by the insurance industry. We have a complete compliance suite of tools on our private website, made available to our advisors, and send regular emails to keep the field updated.  We adopt a sound practice approach with our advisors and encourage them to not only use our tools, but also use other industry tools to operate a compliant practice.

We also maintain active industry associations, such as Canadian Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (CAILBA).


Our IDCWINschool is designed for both the entrepreneur and the experienced advisor. In partnership with our national suppliers, we offer training sessions, monthly seminars, education days, webinars and professional workshops to assist advisors in recognizing prospective growth opportunities, introducing new industry protocol and developing their current sales activities.

Practice Management

At IDCWIN, the words we live by are “your success is our business”, and we mean it. We provide advisors with practice management and support as they build their businesses. We offer business development courses, provide assistance in creating business plans and provide business succession advice. We support our advisors every step of the way.


With the goal of engaging our advisors and acknowledging the important role they play, IDCWIN believes in celebrating and recognizing the enthusiasm, creativity and hard work advisors bring to the table each day.

At IDCWIN we take many opportunities to reward our valued advisors through meetings, seminars, workshops and annual conferences. We also offer a corporate benefits program, giving advisors access to exclusive discounts on various products and services.

Our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and by operating our business with a focus on complete and total customer satisfaction and we invite you to build your future with us.